Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 4

So a couple of things happened since my last running post. For one, the half marathon that I was training for was canceled. I also got sick, a present from my girls and all their new little friends at school, so I took my third week of running off.

Even though I skipped a week, I picked up on week 4 of the training plan. I still covered most of my miles in the gym, but I chose to run outside for the weekend. I've really missed it. 

Dunedin Causeway.

My three-mile run was my best time in the last three weeks, and it was also just a beautiful run. I started out the run listening to Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah," followed by Robert Plant's song "Rainbow," a recent discovery that turned out to be good for pacing.

At the risk of sounding fanciful, I have to say that I leaned in, and when I did I felt cradled by the morning: the rain-stained pavement, the foamy shoreline, the breeze with just a touch of crispness. I was open to the moment and felt connected to the singers, the landscape, and my own intensity— something that has always been part of me and, try as I might, will never change. 

When the songs ended, Emily Dickinson's "Sweet is the Swamp with its Secrets" kept running through my mind. I love the poem for its simplicity, and for its alliteration and rhythm:

Sweet is the swamp with its secrets,
Until we meet a snake;
'Tis then we sigh for houses,
And our departure take
At that enthralling gallop
That only childhood knows.
A snake is summer's treason,
And guile is where it goes.

Wish I could've kept up the pace with this one.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the half marathon. I was thinking that I might just run my thirteen miles on what would be race day by myself. Who needs an audience? I also could just extend my training by a month and run a half marathon in December. Or I may just do both.

Either way, I hope I can have a few more runs like the one I had on Saturday.

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